Great West Newspapers Limited Partnership is a chain of news outlets throughout Alberta. Headquartered in St. Albert, Alberta, the company is co-owned by Jamison Newspapers and Glacier Ventures International Corporation. Each organization has a 50% stake in the company.

Great West Newspapers LP is committed to producing quality journalism in Alberta, providing credible and reliable news information in both online and print formats. The company holds its readers in the highest regard because we believe that producing quality journalism results in a strong product for both the public and our advertisers. We are dedicated to providing the best community news in Canada!
Gazette Press and the Great West Digital Agency operate out of our St. Albert location. Gazette Press is our commercial printing division, offering 24/7 services to the publications in our chain and a wide variety of commercial customers. We specialize in printing newspapers, directories, flyers, calendars, and periodicals.

Great West Digital Agency specializes in the creation of Responsive Websites, Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Programmatic Display Advertising. The agency uses a Marketing Analysis process to help customers uncover their marketing problems, and then finds the right digital or traditional products to meet and solve the issues being faced by the business.