PDF Upload

Before uploading your files to us, please check our file requirements to make sure you have prepared your files properly.

For your security and privacy reasons, we prefer to create an individual FTP folder and password, to upload your PDFs to.

  • PDFs can be uploaded via ftp software such as Fetch or via web browser to ftp.gazettepress.ca.
  • PDFs must be uploaded as single, correctly sized pages, using naming conventions as outlined previously

To obtain your own Folder and Password please contact:
John Van Huizen - jvanhuizen@greatwest.ca - 780-418-5231
Dave Chrapko - dchrapko@greatwest.ca - 780-418-5230

You can also send your PDFs to the Gazette Press General Upload Folder, by using your web browser can clicking on the link below.

Upload your files to Gazette Press Ltd.

If you encounter problems connecting to our FTP site or uploading your files, please contact our Service Desk - 780-418-5233 or servicedesk@greatwest.ca.