We are a full-service printing provider via our in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships with select vendors. Our services include:


We specialize in cold web printing of newspapers, directories, flyers, educational calendars, and periodicals. We combine this with off-site cover and insert printing to meet all of your printing requirements.

This Spring we are installing what will be among the most technologically sophisticated presses in North America. Our hybrid KBA Colora press supports single, double and triple-wide production on a single platform. The press and its ancillary systems, all feature a high degree of automation all controlled through one system. Use of press presetting, preprogrammed production catalog and automated computer-to-plate (CTP) will allow for maximium efficiency. Our expanded color capacity will satisfy even the most demanding requirements.


To finish your publication we offer in-house saddle stitching and off-site perfect binding.
Our emphasis is quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, while ensuring on-time delivery.

Inserting / Mailroom

We can collate your publication, insert flyers and prepare it for final delivery.

Environmental Policy

Gazette Press is a leading provider of coldset web printing to Western Canadian customers. We recognize that our operations have an effect on the environment and are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Gazette Press is committed to:
- The 3 R's
- Reducing waste generated by our operations.
- Reusing materials whenever possible.
- Recycling all recyclable materials.
- Encouraging energy efficiency throughout our facility.
- Proper disposal of any hazardous waste.
- Procurement of environmentally sound goods and services where possible.
- Comply with all environmental legislation that pertains to the company's operations.
- Continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Gazette Press's ownership and management are committed to ensuring its Environmental Policy is implemented and will work with all employees to meet the policy's objectives.


We have provided a complete tool kit, so you can create quality print files. Well prepared files are key to the excellence you deserve and expect from Gazette Press.
Everything from customized InDesign templates, Photoshop profiles and PDF settings, are available.

- Download the Gazette Press TOOL KIT

Gazette press time lapse and newspaper production video