Great West


Great West Newspapers Limited Partnership is a Canadian community newspaper publishing company headquartered in St. Albert, Alberta. Jamison Newspapers Inc. and Glacier Ventures International Corporation each hold a 50 per cent economic interest in the Partnership. Jamison manages operations. Glacier's head office is in Vancouver, B.C.

Great West and its three subsidiaries - Rocky View Publishing Ltd., Mountain View Publishing Inc. and Alberta Business Research Ltd. publish 24 titles mostly in Alberta. Gazette Press, the web printing division, operates 24/7 offering commercial printing to the group and a wide variety of commercial customers.

Great West News LP is also a partner in the Glacier agricultural group including: Farm Business Communications, Western Producer.

Our Commitment

Great West Newspapers LP's primary focus is on quality journalism that our readers turn to for credible, reliable information, both on-line and in print. We hold our readers in the highest regard, because we fundamentally believe that sales follow readership; advertisers place their business with us because of our high readership penetration in the markets we serve (see Combase readership statistics in the Advertiser section of this site). Our team is dedicated to producing the best community newspapers in the country - a conviction that will always be the backbone of our corporate culture.